is licensed in both chiropractic and massage therapy with over 20 years’ experiences
Each holistic chiropractic-massage treatment combines gentle chiropractic mobilization of the spine, massage therapy, bodywork. Unique, safe, effective. Or you can get a massage only.

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Dr. Deal is founder-director of Dr. Deal’s Hawaiian Wellness Holiday, a health vacation program, a personal wellness vacation in Honolulu for select individuals. Come to Honolulu. Enjoy

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Integrative-Functional Holistic Medical Doctors who provide natural therapies including:

Oxidative Therapies | Intravenous IV Nutrients | IV Ozone | IV Ultraviolet | Enzyme Therapy | Medical Cannabis | Exercise | Prayer | Meditation | proven safe and effective medical therapies

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Depression | Anxiety | Sleep | Cancer | Heart | Diabetes | Autoimmune Disorders | Allergies ?

FLASH: Pets thrive on a diet of 80% raw minced meat, some meaty bones and 20% minced raw vegetables.

Consult an integrative-functional holistic medical doctor or veterinarian for good health, diagnosis and treatment of disease for yourself or your pets

Come to Dr. Deal’s office by appointment only near Ala Moana Center in Waikiki, Honolulu Hawaii or for your convenience, Dr. Deal can make a hotel or house call. If you are unable to travel due to pain or disability, he can come to your HOTEL or home.

Dr. Deal doesn’t give quick hard chiropractic adjustments because his gentle chiropractic mobilization of the spine, massage therapy, bodywork get better results.

Tell Dr. Deal Your Story and Your Concerns and he will help you with Personal Assistance and credible documentation

Holistic health and wellness empowerment coaches and holistic integrative-functional medical doctors-naturopaths-chiropractors consider the “whole” person — body-mind-spirit-diet-exercise-sleep-environment-beliefs-attitudes-habits-chemical exposure-systemic toxicity…..

With emphasis on exploration-elimination-treatment of the underlying causes of neck-back-joint stiffness and pain, disease. Note that systemic toxicity is a major cause of disease and neck-back-joint stiffness and pain.

Dr. Grady Deal MA PhD LMT DC
provides Personal Wellness Empowerment Coaching
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