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  • GMO Vaccines Cause MOST Disease MOST Autoimmune Disorders and MOST sterility-infertility-unable to bear children
  • Alert: Taking GMO Vaccines= Suicide
  • Recommending GMO Vaccines with Safe-Effective Lie = Genocide and you ARE responsible for bad advice causing injury-death.
  • Post vaccination antigens are fake and prove nothing and certainly don’t prove immunity, don’t confer herd immunity. Fake antigen “tests” only prove you have been suckered.
  • GMO Vaccines are made with aborted human fetal DNA fragments that cause most autism and autoimmune disorders.
  • Half of all medical research is scientific fraud paid for by Big Pharma
  • Chemotherapy provides only 1.2% improvement in five year survival rates.
    Chemo and cancer surgery spread cancer
  • Medical cannabis kills cancer cells and stops the spread of cancer and cannabis does not kill you.
  • Conventional Medical Science Fraud | Medical Genocide


  • GMO Chemtrails
  • Dangers of Cellphones-WiFi-Electromagnetic Frequencies
  • Alert: GMO Chemtrails Modify-Destroy your DNA Human Genome
  • Dangers of GMO vaccines and GMO Food = GMO Mutant Humans
  • GMO Vaccines = Genocide
  • GMO Chemtrails = Genocide
  • Medical genocide means culling the population intentionally
  • God created all life on Planet Earth
  • God is life | Lucifer is death
  • Politically Correct Consciousness is largely DECEPTION
  • Conscience is truth
  • Your Guardian Angel is your best friend and Truth Direct from God
  • Your Conscience is your link to God
  • Dangers of Veterinary Pet GMO Vaccines and Processed Pet Food
  • Stop Slow-Killing Yourself+Pets with GMO Vaccines+Conventional Medicine
  • Consult ONLY Holistic Integrative MDs and Holistic Veterinary Doctors
  • How to Find Holistic MDs and Holistic Veterinary Doctors
  • Your Life the life of your loved ones Depend on it

Does your conventional allopathic doctor, your conventional veterinary doctor, fake government health regulators, the fakestream media, fake political correctness, fake leftist “liberals,” and misguided but well-intentioned spouse, parents, peers have you under mind control?

Tell Dr. Deal Your Story Your Concerns and he will help you with Personal Assistance and credible documentation

Dr. Grady Deal MA PhD LMT DC provides Holistic Wellness Empowerment Coaching by email-Skype-phone.

Dr. Deal is a holistic chiropractor and massage therapist with a BA and MA in sociology and a PhD in counseling. He has experience as a psychologist in state and county mental health hospitals and community clinics and also was a psychology and sociology college instructor.

He has over 20 years experience as a holistic chiropractor and massage therapist in Hawaii.  He was founder-director of Dr. Deal’s Hawaiian Wellness Holiday, a health vacation program on Kauai.  In 2002, he was instrumental in helping to stop water fluoridation in Hawaii.

Holistic health and wellness empowerment coaches and holistic integrative medical doctors-naturopaths-chiropractors consider the “whole” person — body-mind-spirit-diet-exercise-sleep-environment-beliefs-attitudes-habits-chemical exposure-systemic toxicity…..

With emphasis on exploration-elimination-treatment of the underlying causes of disease, especially systemic toxicity which is a major cause of disease.

Genocidal Weaponized GMO Vaccines are another major cause of MOST disease

Dr. Grady Deal MA PhD LMT DC
provides Personal Wellness Empowerment Coaching by email-Skype-phone

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DISCLAIMER: The information herein is for education only and does not represent or replace medical treatment. Consult an Integrative Holistic Medical Doctor or Naturopath for medical and naturopathic health advice and treatment. Only a medical doctor can advise you about taking or stopping medical drugs and vaccines.  Dr. Deal cannot/should not/will not advise you to stop taking any medical drug or vaccine. As part of his Holistic Wellness Empowerment Coaching, Dr. Deal will suggest how you can find an Integrative Holistic Medical Doctor and a Holistic Veterinary Doctor near you who do not push vaccines on you or your pet.